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How To Cheat Slot Machines

Since the beginning of time, when slots have been around and have been around, there have been criminals trying at "beat the machine" and cheat at slot machines at casinos that are located in the real world. The game of slots has always been a subject of discussion for everyone as well as the question of how can you influence slot machines? Read the article about Tricks to Winning on Slot Machines at Casinos.

From high-tech techniques to the simplest cheats such as placing a coin on strings, gamblers experimented with different methods to hack slots and make massive wins at the casinos. For instance, these are the most well-known methods to cheat at slot machines:

  • Cheat Codes
  • Magnets
  • Cell Phones
  • Coin Cheats
  • Cheating Devices
  • Hardware and Software Malfunction Cheats

Of course, all are illegal, therefore do not attempt them, as the gaming authorities take cheating seriously . Those who attempt to commit a crime while trying to hack the machines could be in prison. These are long-term prison sentences and so don't attempt them for yourself.

We believe that the majority of these methods to alter slot machines aren't feasible in the present, we'll walk you through them because we see them as entertaining facts. Let's look at some of the most sinister ways to win at slots, shall we?

Cheat Codes for Slot Machines

To determine if cheat slots machines' cheat codes have any results, you have to understand Online Casino Slot. The job of gambling jurisdictions is to make sure that all casinos, software providers and players adhere to the regulations and rules when it comes to online games. The reason for this is that all games are closely monitored and audited throughout the whole gameplay. Monitoring, auditing, and other aspects of playing slot games are addressed during the 3rd episode of the show. We'll discuss how to play slot machine for beginners therefore be sure to give it a an audio listen to get more information.

But, there are always people who want to defy the rules. There was one individual that tried to alter the system of a slot machine by knowing the source code and we'll reveal the name shortly. We'll just say that cheating by knowing the codes is among the "methods" however we're not certain whether anyone has managed to break into the system that method, make money, and even escape by doing it.

how to cheat slot machines at a casino

How to Cheat the Slot Machine with a Magnet?

Slot machines today are shielded from any influence through magnetism, however in the 1960s, slot machines were vulnerable , and there was a way to apply magnets that were strong enough to allow the reels to spin freely and stop them from spinning at the point they were supposed. What was the method of operation? When the combination of symbolisms on the reels produced winning combinations, cheaters would pull the magnet and then claim the winnings displayed at the top of the screen.

Naturally, it will be impossible to fool a machine with a magnet today since the results of each game are determined by the random-number generator.

How to Cheat a Slot Machine with a Cell Phone?

Utilizing a mobile phone when spinning the wheels of a slot machine one method that is used by some to determine the winning combination on the reels. Once the video has been captured and then sent to the live-streaming receivers figure out the best way to play by studying the game's algorithm the game, and then come up with an winning combo. Most casinos in the country will allow you to record yourself playing your preferred slots or other games however, the deciphering the exact way to play will be difficult.

Slot Cheats using Coins:

In the past, scammers employed various methods to hack into slot machines. Some of which included various kinds of counterfeit coins, and we thought it could be fun to learn more about these scams. Here the details:

Shaved Coins

Since their invention they became more sophisticated and began using a light sensor order to record the payment. Most of the time the sensor's optics function without being connected to the actual comparator. Therefore, if an unshaved object was placed simultaneously as an object that had similar dimensions and shape the shaved object would be returned while the second object would remain in the machine and play the game.

Fake Coins

A long time ago the slot machines were able to pay bets dependent on the weight of the coins. However, there were some who were playing with fake coins that were the same weight as real ones, and were made from similar metals. Some were able to escape and some weren't however, what we do are certain of is that technology has become advanced enough that it is difficult to cheat using counterfeit coins today, don't you think? Anyone who has played for a while will be able to tell you that it's a challenge to find a physical slot machine that can accept any coin other than real ones.

Coin on a String (Yo-Yo Cheat)

Coin on String is another method which was also referred to a yo-yo trick, since it basically worked as an actual yo-yo. With a string tied to the coins, it is placed in the machine's slot until it starts the game. When the coin has tripped the mechanism of the slot the cheater could take the coin out with the help of the string. and then continue to use it. Of course, we're not sure whether it actually worked and we're pretty sure it's impossible to hack into any slot machine with the Yo'Yo cheating technique of in the present.

Cheating Devices for Slot Machines

In addition, people used fake coins to cheat slot machines There were also known cheating devices that were that were used to break into the slot machines like:

Bill Validator Device

A Bill Validator Device is a tiny device which is used to cheat slot machines. It is wrapped around a bill. it's used with the intention to trick the machine into thinking it's receiving a check of $100, when it's in fact only accepting $1.

Light Wand

Are you surprised to learn that people made use of their light wands miraculously win jackpots? Evidently, some knew how to manipulate slot machines and profit from their advantages. The problem is that the light wand's light would block the optical sensor of the machines that play slots, which would stop them from knowing the amount of coins placed to the machines. This means, the machine will "loose track" on the time when it pays out.

Monkey Paw Device

Moving towards then the Monkey Paw. It was bent rod of metal with an attached string for guitar. Its creator pushed it through the air vent of the machine and turned it around until he was able to trigger the switch of the coin's hopper. This sounds like sci-fi, doesn't it?

Software and Hardware Cheats

If you thought that's all there was, you're dead wrong. We're moving towards some hardware and software cheats.

Finding a Slot Software Glitch

Sometimes, the casino isn't able to pay out an amount due to a software glitch. Some players were motivated by glitches in software and employed them to alter the system. There are specific kinds of stakes that people utilize to fool the system and trigger glitches that pay the jackpot. Since cheaters have taken advantage of it throughout the years, a certain percentage of jackpot winners who are honest could be disqualified and not receive their winnings due to this.

Computer Chip Replacement

Computer chip replacement was a different method that was used by some people before to try to fool the slot machine. For instance, Dennis Nikrasch bought a slot machine and played around with within his home garage, until could figure out how it worked and what the flaws. The main reason behind this was to hack into the computer chips in the machine which is why he wanted to reprogram them, as well as alter jackpots. He enlisted the help of a whole group of fraudsters and with their help , managed to change the independent chips for the ones he had manipulated.

Piano Wire

In the 1980s, an assemblage of men was able to break open the slot machine and connect piano wires to stop the clock in the machine that was able to measure the rotations that the wheel made. After that they were able to use the wind in their back to control the spinning of the wheel to the next. While they did win their jackpots, the entire scam was documented and discovered and the winner was detained.

Top-Bottom Joint

While you were learning 5 Minutes Guide to Slot Machine for Beginners and Best Time To Play Slot Machines, which the most well-known ways of cheating on slots was to use a top-bottom joint which is a distinctive tool composed of two components. It has on the top an iron rod that has an extended wire on the bottom. This wire was placed in the coin chute, and the rod made of metal was used to move through the slot for coins. Through this they managed to block the machine and force it to let out all coins that were found to be in it.

Famous Slot Machine Cheaters

Today, the majority of games, such as slots, are completely dependent on luck, however there are certain games that require certain abilities which gamblers who are successful use to their advantage. Certain gambling professionals even had the ability get into slot machine hacking, let's look at who they are.

Tommy Carmichael

Tommy Glenn Carmichael is probably the most popular name among slot cheats across the whole history of gambling. He was the very first person to use his wand of light to alter jackpots, transforming small winning combinations into massive payouts. It is not surprising that he was the first to create a monkey's paw, which was explained earlier.

Louis Colavecchio

According to certain sources, Louis Colavecchio was famous for using fake currency to defraud casinos. He was detained in 1998 and released in the year 2006. After that, he reverted to his habit of cheating until he was again caught.

Ronald Dale Harris

Not just could Ronald Dale Harris try to play a machine, he also, he cheated by having access to the codes that were used to create the machine. What is the question is how did he get all this? Being a technician in the field of computers, his role was to pick random slot machines and verify for EPROM chips. After a time, Harris was suspected of changing the software of slot machines which paid out immediately after certain sequences of money were introduced. After his return to back home Harris had been arrested, and was fired.

Dennis Nikrasch

An Vegas slot cheater and ex-locksmith, Dennis Nikrasch was the person who was responsible for the largest theft of casino funds during Las Vegas history, by taking more than $15 million from slot machines that were rigged for more than two decades. In the earlier part of this piece, Dennis Nikrasch was responsible for chip replacements for computers and some of the more sophisticated cheating techniques.

Final Thoughts

We believe that most rational people will not be able to cheat on slot machines. Since it's virtually impossible to cheat in casinos online, it's an enormous effort needed to cheat at land-based casinos and the possible punishments in prison. Try your luck to play at Mega888. We hope that you enjoyed by reading this blog, and you can Download to play happily.